Concept Nomenclator Service”

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Nomenclator Service

Offers the possibility of locating a geographic place by its name. It is defined as a service that receives an input that is the name of the place (toponym), with the common possibilities exact match, starting with, contains, etc. and returns the location, by means of the coordinates, of the place. Additionally, the query by name also handles other criteria such as the spatial extension where to look up, orthe type of the place (river, mountain, towns …). If one or more occurrences are found, the service supplies a list of the places found with any additional attribute describing it for the user can choose the desired one. There is an Open Geospatial Consortium spec describing how a Nomenclator Service must be to be standard and interoperable.

ORIGIN: OSGeo Glossary (last updated: 2019-10-29)